Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rethinking Youth Ministry

I just discovered a very compelling blog site called Rethinking Youth Ministry. Based on just a morning's worth of perusing, I'm recommending that my Youth Ministry Leader friends give it a look.

While you're at it, and the real purpose of this post, check out two blog posts by one of Rethinking's bloggers, Brian Kirk found over at The blog posts are Distractional Model of Youth Ministry Part 1 and Part 2I'm wondering, Youth Ministry Leader friends, what you think of Kirk's evaluation and recommendations?

The congregation I'm serving is getting ready to call a Coordinator of Children, Youth & Family Ministry. I'd like to be able to set a vision for this ministry and start off with someone who shares that vision and expectations. I'd love to hear your approach, thoughts, recommendations and advice.


  1. I LOVE Rethinking Youth Ministry. It's one of my favorite sites for inspiration and tough questions.

    I also just finished OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook, which shared a lot of these same struggles, thoughts, and questions. I think we (the church) have done such a great job of entertaining youth that we've forgotten that youth ministry should be less about entertainment and distractions and more about discipleship. I know the kids I work with are over-scheduled and over-stressed and the last thing they need is yet another activity on their calendar.

    The person that you call will be lucky to work with you. You are a pastor who really understands this distinction and will push the congregation to understand it as well. I've found that one of the hardest things about not being a pastor and serving in youth ministry is that it constantly feels like every day is an uphill battle. The congregation wants more activities, more kids, more "success" and yet everything inside of me screams for the opposite.

    I'm totally up for conversation - I feel like I could write a book on this topic!

  2. I definitely resonated with what Brian Kirk was saying. And, I thought (hoped) many Youth Ministry Leaders were making the turn in that direction.

    Write that book Crystal and I'll buy it. In the meantime I'll have to check out "OMG" A Youth Ministry Handbook."